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XRP Fleets – version 3.95

In this version, we have introduced several improvements, new features, aiming to maintain the applications’ efficiency managing current processes related to fleets, machine parks and telecommunications, and to prepare the applications for the future.


We highlight:

  • We improved the functionality of the person in charge of the vehicle and/or driver always having the scanned documents with them (eg green card; proof of MOT) through the XRP app, adding the possibility that the protocol processes can also be managed by the app;
  • Also in document management, we made it possible to configure the deadlines and recipients of notifications of missing documents and/or expired documents
  • In the module for managing the standard IFRS 16, we added the possibility of recalculating the values ​​in the middle of the contract;
  • In claims management, we have made it possible to request maintenance and record immobilization within the process itself;
  • In the fines module, we introduced a new workflow (registration) that allows the management of fines exclusively by the company, not registering driver information;
  • In the invoice validation module we introduce the possibility of validating the invoiced amounts with the contracted amounts, defining tolerances;
  • We improved several reports. We highlight that of costs, which now shows the average consumption in the period for each vehicle;
  • In user management we introduced the integration with Microsoft Azure.

Vehicle and Machine Management:

  • We introduce the possibility of filling out a checklist when picking up and returning the vehicle;
  • It is now possible to send documents when assigning the vehicle. For example, to send rules for the use of the vehicle, hygiene rules;
  • We’ve made it easier and more intuitive for the manager to manage pool vehicles.

Rooms and fixed equipment management:

  • Graphical display of the occupancy calendar;
  • More flexibility in scheduling maintenance periods.

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