Shared mobility can make a significant contribution to reducing the environmental footprint of organizations and increasing organizational cohesion.

To this end, we developed 3 applications, XRP Pool and XRP Ridesharing, respectively for vehicle sharing, either using personal vehicles, or by rides and XRP Commuting aimed to help employees of an organization to commute together on their routes home-work-home.


This application allows employees to organize themselves in order to share frequent trips, namely home-work-home.

Define workplaces or other locations (training, staff meetings) and invite employees to register their leave/arrive location and to offer to share their travel modes and thus travel together.


This application allows shared travel within the organization, either in assigned vehicles, in personal vehicles, or in specific trips where the place of departure and arrival are fixed by the person offering the ride.

Pool (Carsharing)

Implement carsharing systems in your organization with XRP Pool, helping optimize the size of your fleet compared to the existing service. This module also allows the occupancy management of mobile machines (eg dumpers) or fixed machines (eg washing stations).

Key milestones

Launch of the reward points system.
Launch of the XRP Commuting module (shared commute to work).
Launch of the module XRP Ridesharing (rides).
Introduction of rides in the XRP Pool module.
XRP Pool becomes independent from XRP Fleets, and is now sold individually.