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About Us

Escrita Digital was founded in October 2001. Its founders believe that the Internet and the network concept have changed the way we relate, live and work, allowing significant increases in productivity, freeing people from routine and repetitive tasks, and facilitating communication and information dissemination.

Since our foundation, we have designed and produced software applications using the network concept.

We started by making custom websites and software. In 2005 we designed our first product, ed-Portal, a content manager for websites.

In 2008 we started the family of products under the XRP brand, which today constitutes the center of Escrita Digital activity.


Why do we exist?

It is our company’s mission to develop innovative software products of recognized quality anywhere in the world, which help companies and the people who work in them to do more and better in less time.

We want all our employees to feel that the company meets their professional aspirations, that they are pride in the work they do, and that they come to work every day with a smile and with the desire to always do better.

We seek to create value for shareholders, because without them, the company would not exist.


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