The XRP RH family of applications is a set of software tools applications dedicated to the management of business processes linked to human resources management and designed to work in the concept of an employee portal. The main purpose of this concept is to allow employees, under a self-service regime, to carry out the various tasks required of them, thus avoiding tasks with no added value, minimizing bureaucracy, reducing operating costs and increasing organizational cohesion.

HR Development

Applications to support human resource development

Goal Management

This computer application allows you to implement transparent and objective merit and reward policies, without bureaucracy and minimizing administrative work. It also allows the global management of the evaluation cycle and is configurable according to the rules and practices of each organization.

Competencies Management

Intended to support a human resources management practice based on competencies. It allows the management of the competencies tree and careers/functions, and has an evaluation process. It also allows the registration of the actions necessary for the development of competencies.

Training Management

This application allows the efficient management of the entire training process, identifying the training needs, managing day-to-day activities and assessing the quality of training and its impact on the daily work. Includes modules for training by e-learning and management of qualifications for job performance; It includes a digital library that allows training materials to be available online.


It ensures the collection of applications online, automatically inserting them in the database according to the declared skills and the indexes desired by the company. It ensures the processes of communication and reception of applications and allows online updating of candidates’ CVs. Complies with the general data protection regulation, providing access to the candidate for editing/removal.

HR Management

Applications to support human resource management

Employee Portal

With this self service portal, it is possible to provide employees all the information and processes necessary for their day-to-day activities in the organization. It provides employees with a set of tools to manage their personal data and documents.

Contract Management

Designed for the management of employment contracts, allowing to prepare the decision and the timely collection of information, notifying the person in charge and the HR department. It allows the association of documents related to the contract and the management of remunerations. It also ensures the management of temporary and outsourced employee contracts.

Time Management

Created for management and control of working hours, it allows the individual or the joint management of attendance, vacations and absences. It can be integrated to time clock systems and payroll software.

Expenses Management

This application allows all employees to submit their expenses and ensures automatic accounting. Allows budgetary and spending limit validation. It can manage expenses paid in cash and/or by credit card and it has an expense and petty cash advance payment process.

General features of XRP applications

In addition to its own features, all applications benefit from features common to all XRP applications, of which we highlight:

Key milestones

Introduction of the concept of the possibility of taking courses by e-learning and having a digital library in the XRP Training Management application.
Introduction of alerts for managing employment contract renewals with the possibility of hierarchical validation on the Employee Portal.
Launch of the recruitment management module: XRP Recruitment.
Introduction of the XRP app, which allowed to use some of the applications' features on the mobile phone.
Introduction of project assessments in the Goal Management and Competencies Management modules.
Launch of the modules for Contract Management and Vacation Management.
Launch of the Expenses Management module. Introduction of this module at Ericsson Brazil. This module processed an average of € 500,000/monthly expense reports by 2018 with automatic accounting in SAP, available in all countries in South America.
First customer with all modules: Cofidis Portal (still our customer today).
Launch of the administrative modules.
Introduction of the Pro Rata concept in the performance appraisal modules.
Launch of the Training Management module.
Launch of the Employee Portal module.
Launch of the modules for performance appraisal. XRP Goal Management and Competencies Management. First customers: Ericsson Portugal, Ericsson Spain.