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Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year

As we reach the end of 2022, we take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported and trusted us and to review the most relevant developments in Escrita Digital during this period.


It was another year of change, but we remained focused on developing our XRP products, equipping them with features that add even more value, and supporting our customers in their new needs, which required innovative solutions.


In the family of applications connected to XRP|Fleets, this was the year we launched the new XRP platform, with new technology and new modules already in operation (purchase orders and returns management). We also continued to invest in pool management and, in November, with version 4.50, we launched the functionalities that allow electric and fossil fuel vehicles to be managed in the same pool group.


In products related to human resources management –the XRP|RH– we have improved numerous functionalities, including new dashboards; improved functionalities linked to collective goals in performance assessment, functionalities for treating flexible schedules in time management, the possibility of automatic onboarding of employees on the portal, or the decentralisation of content management in training.


For 2023, the challenges are enormous. We will continue the migration of XRP|Fleets products to the new platform and, at the same time, we will stay focused on innovation, considering that travel costs are rising and mobility in companies is changing. We want the XRP products to be part of the solution to many of our clients’ needs, and we want XRP|Pool, the first fleet product developed by Escrita Digital, to make a real contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and help increase organisational cohesion. Will 2023 be the turning point year introducing shared mobility in companies? We want to believe so.


In the XRP|RH products, we have already planned new functionalities that will help the management of hybrid and remote work, the reinforcement of the functionalities linked to performance evaluation and training management, always to allow a better organisation of training and recognition continuously and regularly.


With best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2023.

On behalf of the whole team at Escrita Digital,

Tomé Gil

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