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XRP Fleets, new version (3.82)

We have started distributing version 3.82 of the XRP Fleets applications. In this version we invested in the XRP app, providing it with features that are most useful for users when next to their vehicles/machines, we highlight the possibility of always having digital documents with you, receiving alerts and registering KM/hours and supplies at any time.

But this version also brings new features in all applications, we highlight:

XRP Fleet Management
  • Possibility for the person responsible for the vehicle and/or driver to always have the scanned documents with them (eg: green card; proof of MOT) through the XRP app or directly accessing the application;
  • In contract management, it is now easier to assign contractual positions and extensions, even when XRP manages the IFRS 16;
  • Improved support requests being now possible to make them available by categories on specific links (eg: vehicles; machines; telecommunications);
  • We improved the invoice validation system, making it easier to manage the rounding differences between paper invoices and billing files;
  • When importing Via Verde’s invoices, it is now possible to consider the registration plates registered on Via Verde or the ones on the XRP to carry out the imputation of movements;
  • We created a profile for accident management, which allows users only dedicated to that topic;
  • We have improved the Dashboard for fines and claims, introducing a quick view of what is unresolved according to the state;
  • We introduced a way to register external drivers, when vehicles are not used in pool.
XRP Pool
  • We improved the vehicle occupancy map in order to make it easier to consult who is using the vehicle and/or reason for immobilization;
  • In the XRP app, we improved the way of recording damages and notifying delays;
  • We fixed the vehicle assignment algorithm that had an error when using preventive maintenance intervals, which particularly affected the pools of heavy vehicles and machines.
XRP Workshop Management
  • Dashboard introduction.
XRP Ridesharing
  • New events for the points program system.

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